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Why the colors difference will happen on solid wood internal doors?

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  • July 05,2022

A certain color difference from the original is quite normal. During growth process of many tree, they will form a different color, which is the result of climate change and soil differences. The contemporary internal doors that are made of trees and bark of trees will definitely have different colors. Some contemporary internal doors would be slightly darker they are made of pith.


Therefore, the difference in color between the contemporary internal doors and the sample can not be avoided. The heat treatment technology of the contemporary internal doors is different, and the color between the contemporary internal doors and the painted contemporary internal doors would certainly incur "color difference", but a contemporary internal doors that has not been painted will be "color shifted" because it is oxidized in the air for a long time. The color will be different.


solid wood internal doors


First, in addition to the reasons of the door itself and the color difference of the technical components. Due to the lighting and no watering, the contemporary internal doors equipment is really bubbling after paying attention to a few details, which is usually very troublesome. In order to avoid this phenomenon, we must pay attention to moisture proof


Second, the humidity in the winter air should be kept at 40%, and the indoors should not be too drying . It is the best for the floor, the contemporary internal doors , and even for the home.


Third, the contemporary internal doors paint is afraid of bumping, so pay attention to the impact protection.


Fourth, the organic solvent in the cleaning aspect will definitely destroy the rough paint layer. The contemporary internal doors come with solid wood skin and cannot be wiped with an organic solvent. They should be stay away from fire.


solid wood internal doors


First of all, after the renovation, it is necessary to spray some insect-repellent water. It is better to do some insect-proof work after buying wood-finished furniture to. In spring and summer, it is best to have a mosquito net when opening the window. If there are some white bugs, you can spray some water. Try to spray insect-proof water after renovation, and buy pure wood furniture must ensure that it is treated with insect control. In spring and summer, it is best to have mosquito nets when opening windows. If there are white bugs, they will be sprayed. In addition, some paint treatment can be carried out. In the place where no insects are infested, we can brush on the wooden cabinet by using raw copper oil to separate the insects and air. This method is used for mothproof. However, it must be evenly painting. There are also some treatments that can be carried out. If the wood veneer furniture has been wormed, it can be blended into some professional water and sprayed onto the wood veneer furniture. After a period of time, all the mites inside will be all killed. Then wash it with clean water and dry it.

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