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How to choose soundproof aluminum alloy doors and windows

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  • June 04,2020

    Living in the edge of the city in our daily life, we always have the same troubles - there are too many outsiders, too much noise. We are upset when we hear these sounds, especially if we can’t sleep peacefully at night, then choose good soundproof aluminum alloy doors and windows is required. But how to choose aluminum alloy doors and windows?


aluminum alloy doors and windows


Factors affecting the airtight performance of doors and windows:


1. Whether the lap joint of the door and window frame fan meets the requirements for use.


2. Whether the length of the airtight waterproof rubber strip and the brush strip meet the requirements for use, and whether the quality meets the standard.


3. When purchasing the inner window, please pay attention to whether the airtight rubber strip is the same length as the inner fan branch, whether the brush strip is shed or inverted, and whether the glass bead is the same length as the glass.


   The standard for the airtight performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into three levels, air tightness of 2 m3/hr.m2; airtightness 8 m3/hr.m2; air tightness 30 m3/hr.m2. The lower the airtightness value, the better, indicating that the less leaking gas enters the room.


aluminum alloy doors and windows


Suggestions for selecting sound insulation levels:


1. Noisy areas

Crossroads, railways, airports, markets, etc., the surrounding buildings with more complex noise use Aluminum alloy doors and windows in airtightness level of 2m3/hr.m2.


2. The general area

General apartment buildings, community building, hospitals, factories, schools and other buildings can use the aluminum alloy doors and windows that airtight at a rating of 8m3/hr.m2.


3. Quiet area

In the quieter suburbs and rural houses, aluminum alloy doors and windows with airtightness level 30m3/hr.m2 can be used.


    The sound insulation effect of the home windows and doors has a lot to do with the future home life. If you live in a noisy place with the not soundproof doors and windows, and how to relax in the home? The above provides suggestions for the selection of sound insulation level for doors and windows, hope it is helpful to everyone.

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