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Have You Mastered The Five-point For Buying Tiles?

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  • June 04,2020

Tile is one of the most common decoration materials, and they are widely used in walls, floors and other areas. The perfection of the room decoration style is closely related to the quality of the tiles used in the decoration. How to buy tiles correctly? You need to pay attention to the following five points.


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  • Figure out the specific area used where the tile will be used

The kitchen is where we cook, it needs to be clean and tidy. It is generally recommended to buy light-colored tiles, because too deep colors will make the space look depressed. The bathroom is a relatively private space to relax our body and mind. It is not recommended to use highly reflective tiles, light and soothing colors is better. Because of its humid environment, it is necessary to buy tiles that are not easy to absorb.

  • Check the appearance of the tile

Look at the name of the product, the trademark, the specification, the grade, the color number and the signs of fragility and waterproof on the packaging of the tile. Check the surface of the tile, the smoother, the better quality. High-quality ceramic tiles are generally uniform, flat and uniform in color; to the contrary, the surface has particles, different shades of colors, uneven thickness and unevenness, which is a defective product. This is the easiest point to buy tiles.

  • Compare the weight of the tile

The tile in good quality has higher density and is thicker, so component is heavier and more solid. This is mainly due to the choice of raw materials. The better tile, the pressure of the mechanical is higher during processing, so component is heavier. In addition, the quality of the tiles is uniform in size, uniform thickness, no corners and other defects.


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  • Listen to the sound of tile tapping

Take a piece of brick to knock another piece, or use another hard object to knock the brick. If that sounds crisp and loud, that’s good quality tile. If the sound is abnormal, it means there is a crack in the brick. Do not buy that tiles if you encounter this.

  • Look at the water absorption rate on the back of the tile

Drop a little water on the back of the tile, penetrate quickly, even the surface of the tile reveals a watermark, which is a poor quality tile; the high-quality tiles generally have a slow penetration rate, which indicates that the interior of the tile is tight. Tiles give people a sense of wide and bright, and they are easy to clean. They are the most common wall decoration materials, so it is necessary to learn a little about ceramic tile purchase.

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