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Doors And Windows In Chicago Loomis Apartments

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  • November 27,2019

This project is under construction and consists of eight 5-story luxury townhomes and 2 commercial spaces.
Each home is over 6,000 sq ft including rooftop deck and garage.  It also has 5 br , 5 bath, 2 powder rooms, 2 -3 car garage, private elevator, and roof decks.
Interiors nowadays function as apartments and offices. Noomis apartments offer various living forms, ranging from 3-room-maisonette-apartments; the neighborhood is the city’s hottest center with shopping malls and world-class restaurants.


kitchen cabinets sets, tiles, doors and windows


Apartments are equipped with COBUILD internal wooden doors and windows, the public facilities with COBUILD kitchen cabinet, wood finish tiles and staircase stair.

By adjoining the shield postmodern structural accents were added to the Noomis and the usable living space was extended.